We offer rental of computer equipment

Gaming computers, virtual reality, consoles,

LED screens, speakers and more

We ensure quick response time, operation of the equipment and we are always available.

Powerful Computer System

Suitable for playing video games, organizing competitions and computer events. We keep a large number of systems (monitor, computer and peripherals).


Tablets are very usable in organizing events as they can are easly portable and offer access to the web and your applications for a presentation. With projectors, you can create a special atmosphere for visitors with video content.

Gaming Computers and Monitors

We offer high-end computers for playing games as well as streaming video content. In the package, we also offer 144Hz GSYNC, FREESYNC 24 “or 34” curved monitors.


Playstation 4 consoles are very popular and in combination with excellent TV sets (32 “to 65” diagonals) you can create a very special atmosphere. Possibility of renting separately (only TV or only PS4 console).

Virtual Reality – VR

VR devices are always interesting (Oculus, Samsung Gear or HTC Vive). We offer renting and assistance in using the selected VR devices in your event or desired location.


Smart and Android TVs are available from 32 “to 65” diagonals. In addition to our TVs, our range includes various stands for placement anywhere in the room.

LED Panels and Lights

With the help of LED panels, you can make an elite experience on your event which will excite your visitors. Special lights provide an extra impact in all the events and promotions.

Retracting Post with Pull-out Tape

At each event, elegant fence pillars are required, which usually indicate the entry point or prohibit movement in a given space.

Medium Performance Audio System

We offer a medium performance sound system, that is suitable for small events. Included in the rental is a microphone and the equipment, that is required for successful playback.

Office Desks and Chairs

We also offer office desks measuring 120 x 80 cm with folding legs and UVI Chair office chairs.


Projectors can create a special atmosphere for visitors through video content.

Event Organization

We are happy to assist you in carrying out the event and to ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment.

For an offer, please fill out the form below or send us an e-mail to [email protected] Please state in the box of your message, what you would need to rent and for how much time. We are happy to anwser any additional questions.