Event: Gaming brez izgovorov #3

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Event: Gaming Brez Izgovorov #3!

Preparation and realization of the entire Gaming brez izgovorov #3! event, which took place on the 13th and 14th of April. The event was attended by Telekom Slovenije, UVI CHAIR, Razer Logitech, HOPsi, Feydom and EIGRE.si. Gaming brez izgovorov #3! featured Fortnite tournament finals and, in cooperation with Telekom Slovenije, showcased important technology such as virtual reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro devices, testing of Razer and Logitech gaming periphery and two racing wheels for PlayStation 4. Feydom showcased their modular sofa sets and Telekom Slovenije presented NEO Smart Management System. Visitors were entertained by the most popular Slovenian Fortnite YouTuber, Jure Tršan Blond.

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Conceptual Design and Preparation of the Event

Planning for the event.


Administration of the Event

Preparation, implementation and management of the whole event.


Google Advertising: Image Advertising

Preparing banners and managing Google Display Advertising.


Facebook Advertising

Preparing and executing Facebook campaigns and advertising.


Instagram Advertising

Preparing and executing Instagram campaigns and advertising.

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E-mail Advertising

Preparing and executing Mailchimp e-mail advertising.

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Preparation and Realization of Online Tournaments

Preparation and realization of an online Fortnite tournament.

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Preparation and Realization of Offline tournaments

Preparation and realization of an offline tournament in Qlandia Novo mesto.

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Tournaments Administration

Setting up computer equipment and network, as well as administration of competitions, with over 150 participants.

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