Event Re:Pannonia

By August 14, 2018 September 18th, 2019 Event, Gaming

Event Re:Pannonia

Preparation and realization of the cooperation of the gaming portal GAMINGsi at the Re: Pannonia event in Križevci near Ljutomer. Within the festival, one day was dedicated to a gaming event, where the Gamingsi team prepared everything at the Kulturni dom. Thus, the League of Legends competition was realized and two VR stations and three PlayStation 4 consoles were prepared for visitors, where it was possible to test the latest games.

Services Provided


Conceptual design and preparation of the event

Planning for the event.


Facebook Advertising

Preparing and executing Facebook campaigns and advertising.


Animation of the Event

Preparation, implementation and management of the whole event.


Instagram Advertising

Preparing and executing Instagram campaigns and advertising.

Event Pictures