We arrange your website in accordance with the GDPR rules, provided by the EU.

The year 2018 brought a lot of changes in the area of web sites and digital marketing, as the European Union decided to implement the “General Data Protection Regulation” or the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which defines the protection of personal data. The biggest challenge in editing web pages, according to the guidelines, is precisely the plethora of ambiguities, that this regulation requires. Our company LEGIT cooperated with lawyers and carefully reviewed the entire regulation. We prepared the necessary measures that each site must implement to operate in accordance with the law.


Edit the Page According to GDPR

We take care of your website so it is in line with the whole GDPR legislation.

Collection of Electronic Addresses in Accordance with GDPR

We arrange for the proper collection of electronic addresses so it is in line with GDPR.

Why Choose LEGIT?

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