Google AdWords google oglaševanje

An excellent solution for getting new customers and increasing visits to your sites

Google AdWords is one of the most effective tools for improving website visits. The amount of funds you want to spend on advertising depends entirely on your wishes. In addition to budgetary flexibility, Google advertising also offers flexibility in terms of specific targeting of customers and advertising sites.

New customers are constantly online, the only question is whether they will find you before they encounter your competition.

Google Word Search

Optimizing the display of a link to your site on Google is the most optimal way to reach new customers before your competition. With our knowledge, we will ensure that your business is displayed on Google to your customers at the right time and in the right place.


Google Display Advertising

Using Google Display Advertising, you can communicate with current and potential customers through images and so-called “banners”. With specific customer targeting, you will easily increase the visibility of your products and extend the reach of your business. Display advertising allows you to advertise with banners, which can be plain or mobile thumbnails. You can place banners on websites with specific content.

YouTube Advertising

In addition to Google, YouTube has become one of the leading advertising channels in recent years. Advertising via YouTube is cost-effective, as you only pay for your video ad if someone looks at your video for more than 30 seconds while is also enables you targeting those viewers you may consider for your future customers. Take advantage of a new way of advertising and stay one step ahead of your competition.

YouTube Oglas

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail advertising is one of the novelties Google offers, targeting only those individuals who use Gmail. These are interactive ads that appear in the online mailbox of those individuals you want to contact. Gmail advertising is a great way for a more personalized contact with customers.



Why Choose LEGIT?

  • By advertising, we increase visits and sales on your site,
  • we constantly monitor the results of our work and adjust them for maximum effect,
  • advertising will be tailored to your business and your customers,
  • we learn from our clients just as they learn from us,
  • our way of “out of the box” thinking ensures that you are always innovating,
  • we offer a guarantee of quality performance,
  • our business practices are completely transparent,
  • the top team and technology platform is available and
  • you will be assigned an administrator who you can always contact if something goes wrong – but that definitely won’t happen!