A legitimate reach, a strong base of fans and a professional attitude.

Jure Tršan Blond

Ustvarjalec Youtube vsebine (videoigre)

Jure Tršan Blond, nicknamed JTB, is one of the most popular YouTubers, who regularly uploads gaming video content. Jure’s great specialty is his constant growth, while also possesing a great base of very loyal fans, who follow him at every turn. If you want to work with JTB, please contact us at [email protected]

Statistics (11th month of 2018)
Views: 395 000
Time Viewing: 1 950 000 minutes
Average Video Viewing: 5,8 minutes
Male: 86 %
Female: 14%
Demographics: 99,8 % Slovenia
Viewer Age: 13-17: 15,6% | 18-24: 41% | 25-44: 20,5% | 45+ 22,9%

Jack on the Box

Jaka is a 14-year old creator of YouTube content.

He already started making videos at age 11, a year later he became a YouTuber, who regularly publishes videos from his everyday life. He is now 14 years old and has over 20,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His channel presents the latest products of consumer electronics and various toys. He visits far away places such as London, Paris, New York and Washington. He talks to other celebrities and other “ordinary” people. He plays video games with his friends. But above it all, he just likes to have fun. He was also voted Top YouTuber of 2018. If you want to work with JackontheBox, please contact us  at [email protected]

Statistics (11th month of 2018)

Views: 4 500 000
Time Viewing: 11 700 000 minut
Average Video Viewing: 2,36 minute
Male: 66 %
Female: 34%
Demographics: 99% Slovenia
Viewer Age: 13-17 let: 14% / 18-24 let: 33% / 25-34 let: 21% / 35-44 let: 23% / 45+: 8%

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