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We follow the latest trends in the industry and thus provide you with the best possible solutions at any given time. Do not waste your time and money in an unknown area. Focus on work that makes you happy and improve yourself there and leave us doing our thing, that makes us happy. It’s win-win situation.

We have real-life experience

We are not theoreticians! As owners of an online store, managers of biggest Slovenian websites, brand managers and a marketing agency, we have real-life experience. We understand your challenges. For them, we always offer you the appropriate solutions, based on experience, market and reasearch. Hit us with your biggest challenge! We are prepared!

We listen, we read, we improve

Our colorful team has experience from all possible branches. Trade, production, sales, purchasing, marketing… This gives us a huge advantage, because we understand your company and your market. As internet is changing things so fast, we daily improve ourselfs and learn new things, that we can offer to you.

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