TC Motoshop Marketing

By March 10, 2018 August 14th, 2018 Crypto billing, Facebook advertising, Google advertising, Remarketing
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Marketing TC Motoshop

TC Motoshop is the largest motorcycle shop in Slovenia offering a wide range of motorcycle accessories (clothing, footwear, helmets, accessories) as well as motorcycles such as Suzuki, Kawasaki with a wide range of used vehicles.

Services Provided


Google Advertising: Keywords

Preparing and optimizing Google Keyword Advertising.


Facebook Advertising

Get help with preparation of Facebook campaigns and advertising.


Google Advertising: Image Advertising

Performance display and help managing Google Display Advertising.

Implementation of payments with Cryptocurrency

Implementation of payments with cryptocurrencies on the website and in physical stores


Instagram Advertising

Get help with preparation of Instagram campaigns and advertising.


Website Optimization Consultancy

Suggestions about website optimization and fixes.