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We follow the latest trends in the industry and thus provide you with the best possible solutions at any given time. Do not waste your time and money in an unknown area. Focus on your work. There you are the best. We will take care of your presentation on the Internet.

We have EXPERIENCE in the real sector

We are not theoreticians. As owners of the online store Eigre.si and portal managers Slo-tech.com, Gaming.si and Filmstart.si, we know the situation in the Slovenian market from all possible aspects. We understand your challenges. For them, we always offer you the appropriate SOLUTIONS.


WE LISTEN to our client

Our colorful team has experience from all possible branches. Trade, production, sales, purchasing, marketing… This gives us the advantage, because we understand your company and your market. We adjust our campaigns to achieve maximum performance.

Odgovorni za projekte

A young team with a different world view


Tadej Martinčič


Tadej is your typical 100% geek. His ideas are ahead of time, but maybe, in the future, the world will catch up with ideas in his crazy head. His seriousness and enthusiasm will be very helpful in both project planning and implementation of your ideas. If you want to stand out from the average and be different, Tadej is the right guy for you.
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Tomislav Milenkovič


With 10 years of experience in IT sales and marketing, you can bet that Tom knows what he is doing. While working on your project he will impress you with his quietness and concentration. You will never be disappointed.
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Jure Anzeljc

Jure Anzeljc

Head of Digital Marketing

Jure began his marketing path in his early years when he started managing the Slovenian E-sport scene and organizing online and offline tournaments. He upgraded his knowledge with the study of Social sciences and by working in a marketing agency. Due to his younger years, he has a different and fresh look on the world and very interesting ideas for many projects.
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