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Stay Ahead of Competition and Offer Your Customers Payment with Cryptocurrency!

In the past year, cryptocurrency gained a lot of popularity and consequently entered the eye of the general public, thereby increasing the investment of individuals in this monetary currency. Although Slovenia is one of the leading countries in the innovation of cryptocurrency use, there is still a problem with shopping itself. The situation is improving and although some stores already offer payments with cryptocurrency, the vast majority do not even think about it. By implementing payment options with cryptocurrency, you will take a step ahead of the competition, as you will increase the range of your potential customers, while offering existing customers an additional option to pay for services or purchase a product.

Main advantages of payment with cryptocurrency

1. Lower Transaction Cost

Credit card payments have an average of 2 to 8 percent of commission fee, while a fee of only 1% (payment processing fee) when paying with a cryptocurrency.

2. Attract New Customers

Stay ahead of your competition. The popularity and use of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day, and thus, potential customers are looking for new ways of executing financial transactions.

3. Entering an Inevitable Business Practice

The market is constantly changing and to be successful, it is necessary to stay ready for a change. In view of the growing interest in cryptocurrency, it is quite obvious, that in time, payment  with cryptocurrency will become a standard procedure, so move into the future today!

4. Remittance to Your Checking Account

The customer pays with cryptocurrency and you receive a transfer to your checking account in euros or your chosen currency. The transfer process to your account is quick and takes a maximum of 24 hours!


Our examples of retailers that accept payment with cryptocurrency

Payment with cryptocurrency has already been setup in several online retailers across Slovenia. You can try your payment in one of the stores below.

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