We take care of a positive interaction with your customers using creative campaigns.

Social networks are an important part of everyday life of your current and potential customers, as the average user visits them for 90 minutes a day. With a professional and creative campaign, we will build a positive relationship with your customers and encourage interaction. We take care of active and affordable Instagram and Facebook advertising.

Facebook oglaševanjeFacebook Advertising

Facebook has over 2 billion active users, so it shouldn’t suprise you that advertising on Facebook is one of the most popular advertisement platforms. We will make sure that your creative sophisticated ads are displayed to both your current and potential customers.

Instagram Advertising

In April 2017, Instagram had more than 700 million users. With our help, your ad on Instagram will only reach those of the 200,000 Slovenian users, who are most relevant to you. Unlike other advertising platforms, Instagram is primarily used on mobile devices, and at the same time, it offers visually attractive advertising for your products or services.


Why Choose LEGIT?

  • By advertising, we increase visits and sales on your site,
  • we constantly monitor the results of our work and adjust them for maximum effect,
  • advertising will be tailored to your business and your customers,
  • we learn from our clients just as they learn from us,
  • our way of “out of the box” thinking ensures that you are always innovating,
  • we offer a guarantee of quality performance,
  • our business practices are completely transparent,
  • the top team and technology platform is available and
  • you will be assigned an administrator who you can always contact if something goes wrong – but that definitely won’t happen!