Online Shop is an online store that sells gaming and other computer equipment. Their goal is to offer as many brands as possible at a competitive price. They invest in Slovenian communities, which are trying to develop the so-called e-sport. They are happy to help and advise you on the purchase and are always available after purchase.

Services Provided


Google Advertising: Keywords

Preparing and managing Google Keyword Advertising.


Creating and Managing a Website

Preparation and realization of a website idea along with regular updates.


Facebook Advertising

Preparing and executing Facebook campaigns and advertising.


Google Advertising: Image Advertising

Preparation of banner ads and managing Google Display Advertising.


Instagram Advertising

Preparing and executing Instagram campaigns and advertising.


Creating and Managing an Online Store

Setting up an online store with product listing and updating.


Google Advertising: Remarketing

Preparing and managing Google remarketing.


Setting Up and Managing Facebook

Setting up a Facebook page and regular publishing of articles.

LEGIT mail

E-mail Advertising

Preparing and executing Mailchimp e-mail advertising.