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UVI Chair is a Slovenian brand of gaming and office chairs. Their mission is a product of products that help people prevent back pain and tingling feeling after long hours of sitting at home or in the office. They are a young team who is aware of the importance of using a high quality seat. By buying a UVI chair, you invest in yourself, your future and your health. They believe that they can encourage people to change their habits and positions while sitting. Choose smart and choose a product that takes care of you, your health and your back - choose an UVI chair!

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Preparing and managing Google Keyword Advertising.


Creating and Managing a Website

Preparation and realization of a website idea along with regular updates.


Facebook Advertising

Preparing and executing Facebook campaigns and advertising.

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Creating a Promotional Video

Production and realization of a promotional video.


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Production of Promotional Material

Preparation and production of promotional leaflets, t-shirts, labels, etc ..