Move Your Webpage to 2018!

Do you already have a website that you are satisfied with, but would like to adress some specific issues? We can edit and update your website. We offer everything from small fixes to graphical page rewriting. Before renewing, we offer a free review and analysis of the entire website. Based on the results, we propose corrections, so that your website is as good as possible and in line with all EU regulations.


Technical Renovation of the Website

The technical renovation of the website encompasses any corrections that you want to perform on your website. Whether it’s adding new subpages, editing existing pages, or implementing new modules. Before starting the renovation, we make an analysis of the current webpage to find the best way to execute the desired fixes.

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Graphical Overhaul of the Website

Are you satisfied with the information provided by your website but its appearance is not suitable for 2018? We offer a graphical overhaul of a web page where we prepare a new graphic image for the existing web site or edit the page according to your wishes.

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Renovation According to Regulations

Are you satisfied with your website but don’t know whether it complies with all EU and Slovenian regulations? We can make a website analysis for you and make all the necessary corrections that your website needs in order to comply with all the regulations, while we also implement them for you.

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Why Choose LEGIT?

  • By advertising, we increase visits and sales on your site,
  • advertising will be tailored to your business and your customers,
  • we offer a guarantee of quality performance,
  • the top team and technology platform is available and
  • you will be assigned an administrator who you can always contact if something goes wrong – but that definitely won’t happen!